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Connecting you to the best tenants through an easy to use web application built for all devices.

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For Landlords

Zora helps landlords land and keep great tenants.

Z Score

Zora uses behavioural, demographic and social patterns to give you a simple to understand tenant score. With the Z score, it is easier for you to choose the best long-term tenants.

Screen Tenants

Eye-Catching Listings

Beautifully designed property listings shareable on Craigslist, Kijiji and social media. Prospective tenants can request to view the unit or request more information with a single click.

Create a listing

Slick Application Process

Invite prospective tenants to apply electronically, using their mobile device or a laptop. Submitted applications are then sorted, scored and reference checked for your convenience.

Invite an Applicant

Reference Checks

No one likes to do reference checks. Zora verifies references and employment history and notifies you if something does not check out in the rental application.

Simplified Communication

Manage communication between your tenants and applicants without ever revealing your personal phone number or email. Your Zora inbox helps you manage upcoming viewings, notifies you about lease renewals, repair requests and other important communications from your tenants.

Rent Guarantee

If you offer a lease to a tenant with a Z score of over 90 you have access to Zora's Rent Guarantee. Imagine never having to worry about when or if you’ll get paid.

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