Free to Use

Our Core Property Management Solution is Free to Use Forever.

So how do we make money? In two ways. We make money by connecting tenants to services and taking a comission fee.
In addition, we also offer several on demand services for which we charge directly.


  • Tenant Scoring

    Zora looks at social, behavioural and demographic patterns to give landlords a tenant quality score for each rental applicant.

  • Rental Applications

    Don’t wait three days for a prospective tenant to drop off an application. Get it today, all you need is their name and email.

  • Tenant Management

    Communicate with tenants, manage leases and track maintanence requests through Zora in a way that improves compliance and retention.

  • Customizable Questionnaire

    Ask applicants the questions that matter most to you. You can even require them to upload files for proof of employment and identity.

  • Beautiful Listings

    Showcase your property in style, easily upload photos, unit details and building amenities and let tenants apply right from the listing.

  • Marketing Website

    Let applicants know about your company, what properties you have available, and apply directly to rent from your customized website.

  • Team Management

    Streamline your operations by asigning your team members to specific properties or units while maintanting oversight.

  • Rent Tracking

    Stay on top of your finances; Collect payments online, track which tenants have paid, who is overdue and by how much.


  • Background Checks

    Never worry about renting to a potentially dangerous tenant again. We perform criminal Record, driving record and international verification checks.

    $19.99 per applicant

  • Reference Checks

    We can help you vet an applicant. We run employment, reference, and landlords checks for you. Saving you time and letting you know just who you’re renting to.

    $6.99 per applicant

  • Credit Checks

    Good credit might not tell you if someone is going to pay rent on time, but bad credit means they probably won't.

    $19.99 per applicant

  • Listing Promotion

    Save time by letting us handle listing your vacant properties. We push your property to all the top listing sites like CraigsList, Kijiji, Trulia or Zillow to generate more leads.

    $7.99 SALE:$6.99 per applicant

Reduce Defaults and Increase Retention

Learn how Zora subscription for your property management company can reduce rental defaults, maximize the productivity of your team and take full advantage of the tools and capabilities of the Zora platform.

Every Account Includes










Get Real Results

Get More Leads

Get More Leads

The more leads you get, the more applications you receive, the more options you have to find the best tenant possible. By using Zora’s listing syndication you’ll generate 1.7x more leads than by just listing your property on your own.

Faster Lease Signing

Faster Lease Signing

On average it takes over 3 days from the time a prospective tenant views your property to when they drop off an application. With Zora’s online application we’ve been able to help our landlords cut this down to less than 24hrs.

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Cut default rates in half. On average a bad tenant will cost you over $5,000 in lost rent, damage and legal fees. We’ve helped our landlords lower their default rates by 48%. Those savings go straight to your bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Zora be Free?

We try to provide as much value to you, our customer for free. We only make money off of providing services that you really want and need like advanced tenant screening.

Can I charge application fee?

Yes. There’s a cost to you for reviewing rental applications. Zora lets you charge the tenant to cover your costs.

Can I do rent collection?

Yes. You can use Zora for one-off or ongoing rent payments from your tenants.

Is there a limit on a numbrer of tenants I can have?

No. There is no limit to number of tenants or rental applicants you can have on Zora. If you are a larger property manager let us know and we can help you import all of your tenant information to Zora.

Is there a limit on a number of units I can have?

No.There is no limit on number of properties or units you can have on Zora. If you have a lot of units, send us an email and we will help you import them into Zora.

How do you veryify employment?

We use a mix of automation and real people. We first try to verify employment electronically, If we cannot verify electronically, we will assign a real person to investigate.

Can I customize Zora with my corporate branding?

Yes. We can brand all of your listings with your corporate logo for a one­time fee. Let your applicants know who is managing the property.

In which countries is Zora supported?

Zora is currently available in the United States and Canada. We’ll be expanding soon. Email us to let us know where you are.

How quick is a screening turnaround?

In most cases, we will have a tenant screened (including reference and background check) in less than 24 hours.

"We have 28 rental properties and day jobs so keeping track of applications and screening process is a handful.
Zora saved us a lot of time and money so far. It's a fantastic service."

Ural & Pinar, Vancouver, BC