Rent a perfect property

Find your perfect place Helping tenants get their next great home through an easy to use web application built for all devices.

For Tenants

Zora protects your privacy and makes it easy to communicate with landlords.

One Application, Multiple Properties

Fill out one rental application, get your Z score and apply to multiple places with one click. Zora protects your privacy and keeps you informed throughout the whole process.

Protect Your Privacy

You are in charge of your personal information. We will never disclose information to landlords that you did not agree to.

Easily Apply with Multiple Roommates

Just put the names and email addresses of your roommates in your rental application and Zora will collect their information for you.

Deferred Rent Payment for Qualified Renters

We’ve got your back. If you’re faced with a medical emergency or need to put down a security deposit for a new residence, Zora can help by deferring rent payments for qualified tenants.

Landlord Communication

Simplify communication between your landlord and yourself. One inbox to keep track of leases, repair requests and notifications. All with an audible trail.

Lease Management

Zora keeps track of your leases and proactively notifies you when your lease is up for renewal. You can access your lease details any time, from any device.

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